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Product and Services

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Products and Services

E-Fildan provides the following products and services.

Client satisfaction is one of the company’s core values, and achieving 100 percent client satisfaction is one of its guiding principles. It is always the main focus once the goods have been delivered and/or the service has been rendered. As a result, service after the sale must be provided by the company’s employees at all times.
After-sales service is an extension of the company’s good public relations strategy. It is the company’s belief that this is the only way for clients to achieve complete satisfaction.

The equipment costs are determined using current market quotations. E-Fildan ensures that the businesses they serve obtain or utilize the most up-to-date technologies available on the market, recognizing that information technology and other electronic equipment are always evolving and changing.

The company’s commitment is to provide the best service to the clients it serves. It seeks out and serves the most innovative and high-quality products on the market.
Once the goods have been delivered and/or installed, the clients can rest assured that E-Fildan will continue to provide service after the sale has been completed successfully. Customer satisfaction is increased as a result of assuring them that providing support for them is equally important in establishing, connecting, and maintaining relationships with the general public.

Warranty is provided on a case-by-case basis, based on the terms of the contract between the contracting parties.